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Rainbow 6 – CACL Stage 1 Champions

POSTED BY Chris "BanHammer" Nelson July 21, 2020

Rainbow 6 in 2020

With the introduction of Rainbow 6’s new regionalized esports format the new Honor esports R6 team looked to use this opportunity to elevate their game and show what Canada can do. Following a successful qualification for Canadian Challenger League the team started their run culminating in a 1st place finish in stage 1.


Honor played their first 2 matches within groups against Axios and PDHM Gaming qualifying top of their group. You can find links to Inside the Comms, Winning Moment and Honor Cast episodes below for each match.

Round 1: Honor (2) vs (0) Axios – Inside the CommsWinning MomentHonor Cast

Round 2: Honor (2) vs (1) PDHM – Inside the CommsWinning MomentHonor Cast


After qualifying the top of their group the Rainbow 6 team entered into the stage 1 finals to face Team Oblivian. The finals were an exciting culmination for the team and the fans after a long and hard grind to make it so far. Honor esports won the finals match 2 maps to 0 (7-5, 7-5) and claiming victory. The VOD of the finals matchup is available on the Rainbow 6 Twitch channel: here.