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Please welcome the newest additions to the League of Legends staff!

POSTED BY Kaine "Bumble" Smart December 14, 2017

Greetings Honor Guard!

This last two weeks we’ve had some killer staff join our ranks, with Andrew “WerdnA” Roberts joining us as Head Coach of the League of Legends team, and Matthew “godlift” Holvey our Assistant Coach! Andrew and Matthew have both had experience in the coaching scene, with both of them participating as coaches in CompeteLeague in the past, and Matthew aiding in the Learning Fives Program as well. Andrew is currently in the process to graduate high school (and as we learned recently, freshly accepted to college!) and Matthew is a current college student, and an avid fan of the trebuchet meme.

I can say personally that working alongside Matthew and Andrew has been a total treat, and both are very effective in their roles so far! I feel like I can speak for everyone at Honor eSports saying it’s great to have apart of the team.

Stay tuned for more news relating to the League of Legends roster!

James Graham

League of Legends Manager

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