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Introducing the Honor Academy Staff

POSTED BY Kaine "Bumble" Smart December 30, 2017

Happy Holidays, Honor Guard!


Recently, we had the opportunity to enter a second team into the Upsurge Leagues beginning at the end of January 2018. With this chance presenting itself to the management team, it meant the need for expansion of staff and of players.
Honor eSports is pleased to welcome Joseph “DemoZ” Cupchack and Michael “Banter” Pater, head coach and assistant coach respectively, of the Honor eSports League of Legends Academy team. Both Joseph and Michael expressed great interest when the team began to come together, and are bringing a lot to the table. Joseph and Michael both aid in the Learning Fives program (the same place we managed to snag Matthew from!), and have been coaching both teams and players alike.

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome both these gentlemen to the organization, and can’t wait to see what comes from them as coaches in the UDL. Stay tuned to the Honor eSports Twitter and web page for further announcements regarding the Academy roster!


James Graham
League of Legends Manager

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