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Honor Vice – Women’s Rainbow Six Roster

POSTED BY Kyle "KMcClells" McClelland May 5, 2020

 Honor Esports entering women’s esports

Alongside regular rosters playing under the Honor Esports banner, Honor Esports will be expanding into supporting women in esports with our new Honor Vice brand. Female players are often overlooked and not given a fair chance to compete competitively in esports and are often looked down on. Honor Esports sees a good opportunity to help women get a chance to develop their skills in competitive esports like R6 with other females who share the same drive to improve. This is a step in the right direction for esports to allow for the healthy growth of talent and growth of the overall player and fan base of games and we are happy to be apart of it going forward. We hope our players serve as good role models that inspire younger girls in following through with their interests in esports whether that be becoming competitive players, team staff or other esports industry roles.

With that said Honor Esports are happy to announce the players who will be representing Honor Vice in CCS Women’s league, Upsurge R6 Leagues, and other events!

Honor Vice Rainbow Six Siege Roster

Ali Princess

Honor Esports is proud of these players and the potential this roster has to be one of the best all-female rainbow six siege rosters in North America. We can’t wait to see these girls prove themselves, compete, and develop into amazing esports athletes. The team’s main focus will be preparing for the 2020 CCSW league qualifiers and the CCSW league season.

Want to follow and support the team? Make sure to follow our team’s social media ( TwitterInstagram ) and hop on over to the Honor Esports Store where you can get Honor Vice team apparel and Honor Esports apparel from our good friends at Shiq Wear.