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FrostFire Smash Bros. Major Win! – Smash World Tour

POSTED BY Kyle "KMcClells" McClelland March 3, 2020

FrostFire 2020 Smash Bros Major

Going into 2020 Honor Esports had re-signed our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Xcal and was super impressed with his overall improvement since first signing with Honor back in 2019. With the news of more Smash majors coming to Canada and the northern USA, it became clear that 2020 was Xcal’s chance of making a global splash. The first Smash major that he would be attending would be the Ottawa region’s first-ever major esport event FrostFire 2020.

A lot of the competition at the event was established top players from all across Canada.  Whether they were from Toronto or Quebec Xcal was ready to defend his home turf from the invading hoard of top players.

With amazing winners run going undefeated the whole tournament and taking down BlackTwins the #1 player from Toronto in the grand-finals Xcal became the first Ottawa player to win a major esports event and it was on home soil.

Link to the bracket here

The Future of Smash Events

Going forward Xcal will be working towards fighting for Smash World Tour points and a chance at $250,000  prize pool. The next big major he will be attending and representing the Honor brand will be at PressLess 2020 where the top talent will be attending from across North America.