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Dreamhack Montreal 2019 Recap

POSTED BY Kyle "KMcClells" McClelland September 10, 2019

Dreamhack Montreal 2019 Recap

Day 1

This year’s Dreamhack was an amazing event with a lot of spectacular esport tournaments as well as amazing video game demos from large and small developers. As for us at Honor Esports day 1 of the event was our staff and players getting the chance to soak it all in while practicing for the Super Smash Bros singles Major tournament that would be taking place on the following days of the event. This was Chris aka Banhammer’s (Honor Esports’ COO) first Dreamhack and the first time traveling to The great white north, Canada. The welcoming culture of Canada and esports mixed well together and provided an amazing first-time experience. This Dreamhack was also a first for our newest addition to our brand, Xcal as it was his first-ever Super Smash Bros Major tournament. As we all walked into the Montreal Olympic Stadium, the searchlights and neon welcomed us to a weekend that was going to be a big stepping stone for Honor Esports.

Day 2

Day 2 of Dreamhack Montreal 2019 started off with Xcal playing his singles pool bracket. A lot of the Ottawa Smash community was there standing behind Xcal during his matches cheering him on. In pool A8, he was seeded with a bye and faced off vs Saucy in his first match. After a super dominating match ending in a 2-0 for Xcal we knew he was just getting started. The next 2 matches would also be dominated by Xcal both ending in 2-0s vs Walgenie, SHQV OKLAHOMADARA and leading him to the pool’s winner finals and a shot at top 48 out of 408 competitors. In the winner finals, Xcal faced off vs Mindpunks La Grimace, a top player from northern Quebec. It was an amazing set between both players but Xcal brought his A-game and sealed it with a solid 2-0.

After a lunch break and some practice, Xcal got back to work for his top 48 matches would start soon. With all of Ottawa rallying behind Xcal he went up against a strong and top-ranking player named Gen from New York City. At this point, Xcal was just on a roll and kept this up with ANOTHER 2-0! This left him with 1 more match to make it to top 8 at the major which is almost unheard of from a Toon Link player or anyone from Ottawa. With all the lights and loud crowd in the stadium stands, Xcal went against Stas to see if he would make the top 8. Just as he did before he showed everyone why he is Ottawa’s top player. Another 2-0 and a spot in top 8 was filled by Honor Esports Xcal ending day 2 of Dreamhack Montreal 2019.

Day 3

The last day of Dreamhack was here and it was fun all around. Xcal faced off in top 8 where he faced Panda Global Marss and Gen ultimately coming 5th overall losing some super close sets. Honor Esports and the Ottawa community couldn’t have been more proud of Xcal in his first major ever. With a medal in hand and top teir experience, Xcal looks forward to the next big tournament.

We at Honor Esports want to thank everyone who supported us this weekend. Shiq Wear for providing amazing appeal for our players and staff, BSN for helping us attend these events and to all of Ottawa for supporting our boy Xcal.

Photos from the event